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Christmas snuck up on us relatively fast this year. We were really excited to put up the tree that we purchased second hand from a family, but when we took the tree out of the box we knew we had made a mistake. The tree is way too big for our small apartment, so we packed it back into the box and sold it off to the next family who will enjoy it more. Since my apartment doesn't allow real trees, I wanted a real looking tree. Luckily after a few hours of scouting online we were able to narrow it down. I've already decided that the ornaments and lights stick to 3 colours, white, silver and gold. For some reason the brass from the ornaments and the dark greens from the tree really bring out that Christmas feeling for me.

First post on my new blog, it's taken a while to get this site re-designed and published. I've also ran into some road blocks, like losing all my old blog posts and photos to almost losing the site domain -- it was a struggle for sure. I planned to switch platforms because I wanted to bring new content and a new look, but little did I know that it would be such a hassle -- it's also probably because I'm not that savvy. Anyway, after weeks of trying to retrieve my old blog content with no success, I've decided to just start fresh! It also taught me a very valuable lesson to not just back up my content, BUT to actually make sure it IS backed up. My hope for this site is to engage Scandinavian interior design lovers alike on my design journey through snapshots of my apartment in Canada. I've also started to explore my creative side through art prints, so if you enjoy minimal abstract art please take a look at my gallery -- I hope you all enjoy it!

Until my next post, keep on decorating!

- Kevin Chen

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