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About Me


Hello! Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a read. 

I'm Kevin, a photographer, designer, and blogger living in Vancouver, Canada. I have a huge appreciation for Scandinavian interiors and I would like this site to be a platform to introduce and provide inspiration for interior lovers around the world. I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my partner and by using my apartment as my canvas, I hope to share my take on Scandinavian design. My blog also aims to explore the connection we have to our surroundings and how interior design affects the way we feel and act.

My interest in interior design started in high school when I took my first drafting class. I was so intrigued by architecture and I would imagine furniture pieces and decorations in empty spaces and how it all comes together to create a functional space. My passion grew stronger the older I got and I was specifically drawn to Scandinavian and Japanese design due to their simplicity, that's why I would have to say that my style is mainly Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese undertones. I love a muted neutral colour palette, but I also appreciate minimalistic oak furniture pieces. 

Recently I've discovered wall art as an outlet for my creativity. You'll find my creations under the shop tab, please feel free to take a look around and I hope you'll find valuable interior inspiration. 

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